Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pinterest Love

Ok so I know most of you are on pinterest already but lately it has become an addiction of mine. (As well as instagram but I'll leave that for another post!) And I love pulling new wardrobe inspiration from pinterest as well as organization of the home and jewels! Plus I see all the ways I can redo my bedroom! So on this Sunday as I sit here writing my first blog post on this blog I'm watching the Sex and the City movie that I recorded last night as well as scanning pinterest, instagram, and some blogs I've fallen in love with. Hopefully over the next few weeks I'll post a blog a week that I'm obsessed with. Plus get back to work on my grammar, punctuation, and basically the whole getting back to writing again. Maybe I should write all my blog posts in Word before posting here or hopefully you can all bear with me through my grammatical errors. I hope you enjoy this blog full of fashion, beauty, home decor, random love, and photography obsession. This isn't just a journey to work on my english but it is also a journey to help me show my love of all things girly as I travel this world with the man I love. I will warn I'm horrible with time management and at times I may need a little motivation to remember to make posts but I hope that every time you visit this blog you are brought happiness through my posts. So buckle in and enjoy this journey with me and I hope to provide you with so many laughable and interesting posts! So for now follow me on pinterests @ :

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Be prepared for fun, crazy, funky pictures!

Fun times,
Fashionista on the Move!